Nick and Dick - No. 49

February 6, 2015

Yes, the previous few episodes are weird! We know it. Call it our 'White Album' phase. We are back to semi normal and this is 100% clean...except for the bleeped out words.

Here's what we chat about:

Forgetting numbers
Abusive relationships and suicide.
Importance, vanity, and porpoise
Cave people and Twitter Trolls
Data thieves and your health care.
Credit me in Powerball quarters
Relatives done you dirty on Facebook
The things you don't realize
Superbowl, Pro-Bowl, Tiger Woods
Hey!!! You stupid little F#©k!
Repetition is insanity.
Do what you do when you do what you do.
Guilt trips and love.
Buy something!

Thank you for listening!


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