Nick and Dick - No. 45

January 15, 2015

'Tis the Season?

Yes, Christmas in January! For those of you that didn't get enough Christmas Music during the months of October, November, and December you are in luck! Nick and Dick are decking the halls and burning the tree!

This is Part 1 of X. We're guessing three but in may be more or it could be less. That said, after all parts are finished you can have the full 19 or 20 minute (less compressed) version for your listening enjoyment.

In this partition of Nick and Dick:

True Love
The Christmas Experiment
Our state(s) of being are different. (psychologically and physically).
Naughty bits.
You'll learn that one of us did something BIG!
The other did something else.
Crazy talk and Chinese highlights.
BALLS! Lots of them!
The origin of BALLS and more BALLS.
Did we tell you about the BALLS?

Enjoy this brief and strange episode.

Side note: It was mixed for Johnny


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