Nick and Dick - No. 36

April 4, 2014

Show Notes:

Discover the Strumpet.
Stealing from the piggy bank.
Kids are okay but parents suck!
We should make a mockumentary.
Smoking coffee.
Short break and behind the scenes.
Burps and whispers.
$33 burgers can make you fat.
120 calorie gravy and bacon shakes.
The job market is tough...
Walmart vs. Harvard.
Bogus statistics.
Potential songs.
Lucky streak...Winning the lotto!
How to invest your winnings...Mindy?
Dick will change his name.
How geniuses spend there time.
Malinda show and groovy music.
Traits of highly intuitive people.
Cognitive science and unconscious reasoning.
Book reads.
Ducks, burps, farts, tweets, and your inner voice.
Jumper cables.


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